Frugal Money Saving Tips

Meet Jean Scott, the "Queen of Comps"

For those that like to play slots or table games there are numerous comps available to players based on their level of play. Comps can range from a free buffet, free hotel rooms, gourmet dinners and even airfare reimbursement. "Queen of Comps" Jean Scott is an expert at maximizing these comp benefits while she plays at various casinos.  

 Even if you don't gamble, Jean offers up her favorite frugal tips on saving money in Las Vegas:

There are so many ways to cut your costs and save money in Las Vegas. Jean offers up some great tips to make your trip more affordable. Some of our favorites are:

- Join the casino slot clubs. Even if you don't gamble many casinos offer new sign-up bonusus or discounts. This could be a drink or buffet discount, a free cash bonus in the form of slot or table play, or a funbook filled with money saving coupons. It's free to sign up and you'll get put on their mailing list for special room offers, tournaments and fun promotions!

- If arriving by plane, stop by the information kiosks at the airport and pick up the free tourist magazines. Not only are they a handy informational guide but they are packed full of coupons!

- Consider renting a car, especially for longer trips. Cab fares can be expensive and may not be as economical if you are planning on doing a lot of running around. Paid shuttle services to and from the airport may also be cheaper than taking a cab, especially if traveling alone. 

- Flights to Las Vegas are often full and oversold. If your schedule permits, consider volunteering to be put on a later flight if the airline needs volunteers. You don't need to wait for them to ask either - simply go to the desk check-in and ask the airline employee if the flight is oversold and if they may be looking for volunteers. On one trip to Las Vegas, I got "bumped" onto another flight twice in the same night and was rewarded with a $500 airline credit each time.

- If you like to gamble, take the time to learn the correct strategy for your favorite games. There are plenty of books and apps available to help you minimize the house advantage. Win or lose, you can feel confident that you played that hand correctly. 

- Stock up on coupons! Coupons are everywhere and can be easily found at information desks/kiosks, in your hotel room (and room key folio), inside tourist magazines and online. For the most current coupons we recommend looking on Craigslist (Las Vegas) and eBay. Las Vegas locals have access to hundreds of coupons and offer them online, usually for a small shipping and handling fee. 

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